Baduriya College

Baduriya College, Mawanella was started in 1918. It has a very rich history of more than 100 years. Baduriya was born as a result of the dedication, sacrifice, and hard work of many elders of the village with the patronage of Masjidun Noor Jummah Masjid.

The school was initially started in a small building as a junior school near the Kiringadeniya Masjidun Noor Jummah Masjid. Over the decades the school was developed with the support of the Masjid, villagers, well-wishers, past principals, staff members, past pupils former SDC and OBA members and political bodies of all parties in the village.

Time to time the college has been developed with the available resources by the school society. College has achieved many milestones during its journey. Each and every success has been a result of the unity and teamwork of the village and school society.

Today Baduriya College is one of the leading Schools in Sri Lanka. It has more than 3000 students guided by more than 100 staff members. It has produced a huge no of citizens with a great value.

Baduriya is a key contributor to this country. It has groomed national and international products, who are represented in various platforms of this nation.

College is focusing on education, discipline, leadership qualities and many more diversified areas which are the key requirements of the society.